It's been said that I approach shooting headshots in a very unique way. In addition to photography, I also work in theatre as a performer and director. My experience in the industry has allowed me to see the headshot in action from a variety of perspectives. As a performer, I realize how important it is to feel confident about the brand your headshot creates. As a director, I know what we behind the table look for in a headshot and how to help you communicate that while shooting. And finally, as a photographer, I know how to capture the art of active communication through a static image.

I've developed a method / philosophy of working whether I'm shooting with an actor, directing them on stage, or performing onstage along side them. My goal is to create a positive, creative environment where you feel comfortable and free enough to take risks and do your best. Only then can we truly examine, challenge and amaze ourselves. One of my biggest joys in life is affecting positive change in the people I work with. I look forward to working with YOU sometime soon!

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